Genetically dominate (homozygous) traits of Irish Black Cattle:

  1.   Dark Hides; black or occasionally red (a recessive red gene trait).
  2.   Moderate Framed; cows 1050-1250 lbs., bulls 1650-2100 lbs.
  3.   Light Birth Weights; our calves have averaged 72 lbs over nine yrs.
  4.   Vigorous Calves: our customers report improved calf survival ratios!
  5.   High Fertility; 50-70 cows per single I.B. Bull!! Heifers cycle/breed well.   
  6.   Early Maturity; calves finish by 14 months old, see I.B. Performance.
  7.   High Weight Gain; 3.95 ADG June 2012 Feedlot Results/Halfbloods!
  8.   EFFICIENCY; 4.79 conversion rate June 2012 Feedlot Results!!! 
  9.   Excellent Rib Eye Area Scores; we provide data on every sale bull. 
10.   High Tenderness.
11.   High Marbling Scores; ultrasound data on every sale bull.
12.   Low Back Fat Scores; our sale bulls averaged .11 of an in. BF.
13.   Top Yield Grade Scores; consistent group performance in feedlots.
14.   High Carcass Weights; excellent ADG/conversions and fast finishing.
15.   Premium Carcass Performance; tasty and tender.
16.   Longevity of Production; our bulls will perform to six plus years old.
17.   Large Scrotal Measurements. Our aver. 22 month old bull = 39cm.
18.   Large Pelvic Measurements.
19.   Shorter Gestation Period; 277 days.
20.   Calving Ease/Maternal Instincts; Excellent replacements!
21.   High Milk Production.
22.   Excellent Mothering Traits.
23.   Small Finger Length Teats; and no pendulous udders.  
24.   Penis does not hang down and drag.
25.   No Brisket Problems; altitude tested genetic performance.
26.   Good Minded Cattle; easy to handle and sort, no head-hunters!
27.   Ranging Cattle;  these cattle take care of themselves, cows go find                  the best grasses and calves jump up & want to suck!

  Irish Blacks  . . . the Future of the Beef Industry!
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