“We summer range in Wyoming at over 9500 feet on 10,000 plus acres.  Our first year using Diamond H Irish Black bulls our cows came in 100 percent pregnant.  I'm thrilled.  We calved out in less than six weeks this spring only helping one cow that had a calf with a leg back.  It was the easiest, most productive calving season in our history.” –Marlene Nicholson, Dixon, Montana

“Our Irish Black Bull never stops working; his feet are always moving, cruising through the cows, taking bites of hay as he walks and sniffs.  We only had to watch these bulls work for a day or two to rest easy!  We purchased another Diamond H Livestock bull this spring.” –Dena and Duane Hergenrider, Bridger, Montana 

“The bull I got from Diamond H Livestock is the cheapest bull I ever bought.  Dollar for dollar, in a single year, he performed better for me than any bull I have used in the past.  My father and I run 800 pair and finish out all our own cattle.  I tried a Diamond H Livestock bull on 61 head of our average quality cows in a mixed age group (some first calf heifers all the way to older cows).  This spring when we turned out on grass those cows clearly had the best calves of our entire herd.  The Irish Black calves are deeper and thicker, nice calves.” –Waylan Dicke, Creston, Nebraska
Our Customers say ....
Purebred Irish Black 2 Yr Old Heifer raising her twins on Diamond H Livestock range pasture.  Her heifer twins weaned at 628 lbs. & 580 lbs. on this dryland range.  She bred right back, calving on schedule the following spring!

"I started in the cattle business when my Dad gave me my first calf for my ninth birthday.  I am eighty years old this spring and this is the easiest calving season I have experienced raising cattle.  I replaced two bulls with one Diamond H Livestock Irish Black bull to cover my 56 head of cows and heifers.  I actually stopped checking my cows, except maybe the occasional glance out the window...I just went out once a day to tag all my new calves!" -Homer Gorbett, Cove, Oregon

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